This Super Simple Responsive Web Site Builder will Make Wordpress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Squarespace, Wix and maWebCenter Sites Obsolete

Grab the best responsive web site builder for 2020 and beyond. This all-in-one web page designer, CMS, eCommerce Store and hosting platform is ready to build stunning web pages right now, and for a limited time, you can get everything free: Free Website Builder. Free Website Hosting. Free Content Management System. Free eCommerce Store.

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Why is a Professional Web Site Designer Giving Away Free Websites?

As a professional advertising art director and graphic designer who has been building web sites since the 90s, I have used every web building and web hosting solution available. Most fall short. Either they are not user friendly or they are not truly customizable. Most are simply too expensive for many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I am promoting this new free web site building and hosting solution for two reasons:

1. It does everything I look for when building sites for myself and 99% of my web site design clients.

2. It's free. The site builder is free. The hosting is free. And right now, the company is offering the eCommerce option (GrooveSell) free as well. If you are on other eComm platforms, you know how much other hosts charge site owners every month for eCommerce solutions and shopping carts.

What Can You Do with GroovePageFunnels?

What do you want to do online? You can do that with GrooveDigital's GrooveFunnels and GroovePages.

Build a web page, web site, or sales funnel with GroovePages. Build your web site in GroovePages if you are looking to replace your  current Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, or maWebCenters web site. You can even replace your Shopify store.

GroovePages and GrooveFunnels was designed with your needs in mind. Whether you want a beautiful web site for your business GroovePages makes it easy to create beautiful responsive web pages, splash pages, eCommerce stores, and product funnels, and get them online fast and affordably without middlemen.

  • Design, build and manage your web site with GroovePages.

  • Create and deploy sales funnels with GrooveFunnels.

  • Sell anything with GrooveSell.

  • Build Google Loving Web Pages with GroovePages

    Getting web traffic without advertising is key, and GroovePages and GrooveFunnels make Google happy. GroovePages and GrooveFunnels, is the only web site, landing page, funnel and store builder on the internet with mobile first indexing and blazing fast page delivery. Plus DIY SEO is easy with Groove. Get yourself some Google love. Build your next web project on GroovePages.

    GroovePages is Amazing Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Web Site Design Software

    You don't have to be a website developer or graphic designer to love building web sites in GroovePages and GrooveFunnels. All the technical stuff is there when you need it, but hidden under the hood until you do. This keeps the user interface clean and building web sites as easy as dragging, dropping and editing. With GroovePages you can build beautiful web pages, funnels and stores in minutes instead of hours.

    Get GroovePages and Stop Building Business Web Sites in Software Designed for Blogging

    Frustrated with your Wordpress web site? It's probably because you are trying to make a cat bark. Wordpress was designed specifically for blogging. Everything else was added on later. It's no wonder pages became posts and posts pages. Sure, there are professionally designed templates to make those sites look great, however, even they are not user-friendly when you get into the work of modifying them for your personal brand or uses. While Wordpress definitely has it's acolytes, professional graphic designers and most of our clients are just never 100% happy with business web sites built on Wordpress. If you're a web or graphic designer, we challenge you to come try building web sites on GroovePages. It won't cost you anything to test this tool which we are finding the best way to custom design, build and deploy client CMS web sites. 

    Build Responsive Web Sites that Look Great on Any Screen without Extra Work

    Google's mobile first indexing is where GroovePages, GrooveSells and GrooveFunnels really crush the competition. Not only will your site look great out of the gate on every screen and browser, you can easily customize each screen view so your site visitors always have the best experience.

    Thank The Covid Crisis for Free Web Sites!

    The Covid crisis has certainly created a difficult time for many people who have lost jobs and wages, and businesses who are struggling with keeping everything running with less income. We're here to help! It's exciting to have a product we can give away for free to individuals and entrepreneurs who are looking for additional ways to make an income working from home. A free web site you can use for anything you want, is certainly a start in that direction. We also have training coming soon to help you turn your web presence into income.

    Created with Businesses of All Types in Mind

    Groove is a Technology Company that creates Marketing Tools for Business Owners.

    This means we know you struggle with multiple marketing costs. Web site hosting, email marketing, sales funnels and tracking, webinar hosting, payment processing, affiliate management, and eCommerce. Designers. Writers. Coders. And everything is another cost, subscription or fee.

    Groove will be providing all those tools right alongside your Professional Groove account.

    Basic GroovePage accounts will always be free. Professional GroovePage accounts are currently a one-time business expense with no monthly subscription costs, include additional features not offered in the basic account, and will include every marketing tool Groove creates in the future at no additional cost to you. No need for additional accounts and subscriptions. Instead, simply pay one-time for everything we create ... and easily request the features you want to see right inside Groove!

    To see everything that will be offered in the GrooveTools Suite, please click below.

    Please note, the Professional account will be subscription based once all the planned tools are rolled out and no longer in beta.